welcome to carter hall lifestyle!

Approximately 3 years ago I set out to develop an online destination to help define and create what it means to live a balanced lifestyle. The mission of Carter Hall Lifestyle is to disseminate information that can be used to balance ones life within the areas of nutrition, fitness and wellness. As a Master in Science (M.S.) candidate and soon to be registered dietitian, I aim to provide you with articles which are not only objective and unbiased but also evidenced based.

Wellness requires that we look beyond only employing healthy eating practices and engagement in routine physical fitness and go deeper into exploring self- reflection and mindfulness as it pertains to our daily lives.

What’s in a name?

My given surname is Carter.  Fun fact, when I was younger, I loved my last name so much that I had people call me Carter instead of Stephanie. Hall street is the street I grew up on in Allentown, PA. So the two of these aspects combined provide the foundation for my life. With this site I aim to provide you with foundational tools to assist you in navigating your health and wellness.

I really do hope you love Carter Hall as much as I do.

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Well, here it is… my heart and soul. Enjoy the site, share it with others and remember to always “Live your best life!”

Love Always,